HUD Plugin


This is a plugin that I made for my game project called Retriever ( no posts yet :/ ), and aims to implement a full featured map hud.

Click here for download

This plugin is free to use in any game made with RPG Maker MV.
Credits must be given to Lantiz, inside the game (like in a credits scene)

UPDATE 2.17:

  • Fixed position after pushing a new scene;
  • Fixed fog of war reseting behavior after pushing a new scene, it won’t reset anymore;
  • Fixed player icon refresh after cashing the fog of war, when the player icon was outside of the map area;
    • The old drawing used to stay on the minimap forever…


Please, check the plugin help section.

Known issues:

  1. Fog of war can’t be save due to the fact that it requires changing the default save system;
  2. Disabling fog of war before pushing a new scene will cause it to be lost because no fog of war was stored to be reloaded after;
  3. Names and bubbles (names ARE bubbles) are still shown after disabling the hud, reloading many events names would cause a big lag, best option is to disable on map transfers.



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