The winter’s come

The winter’s come, and along with it I’m here too.

Been away form the game project for some time, but now there’s a cool update and a few features added.

Let’s start by the title screen that has been done and looks really awesome, by Mr. Revangale the guy behind the graphic assets:

Title screen

Title screen

A reminder: the game name is just provisory.

As you can see, there’s now an “Quit game” option, and in this regard was also added features to change resolution and window mode at the options menu:

Options menu

Options menu

Moving on, the most noticeable change is the fog of war, which can now be used in the game:

Fog of war

Fog of war

I managed to develop a User Interface plugin to improve control over some interface elements, like font family and size, window padding, possibility to change the window skin and a few others…

Thats it for now but stay tuned, next step: Space exploration.

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