The four sides of the universe

Ahoy! Ya have a big great post ahead yar crooked ugly nose!

Weeeell it took a while yeah…

On the last post about Retriever, we had a new title screen, some new options and a cool fog of war effect. The most important part tho was the Space Exploration thing in the end, I guess…

Well I’m a man of word you know? I wanted so bad to come back with some space stuff, but while I was working on it I realized that there was a few stuff that I needed to do first, like adjust the map generator so it could generate star systems (it’s much more flexible now), I can easily create extensions to customize each environment to be generated.

Also, I reworked the event spawner giving it more options to decide when and where to spawn the events and a few others, but no one cares haha.

There’s now a distinct save management that enables the player to have only one save at a time, also the revealed parts of the fog of war are now stored when the game is saved, even the minimap one. For me, this was a crucial aspect for the exploration side of the game:

fog of war

And here we have anoter “but“…

I started to think too much and decided that the graphics (although great) were not fitting the game for me, I’m not sure but something was out of place… probably my ego is too big and made me start to think “hey we could do this all alone”… and so there comes the big changes.

The game now features “programmer graphics” which means I’m not paying someone else to make it anymore, and this is the main reason behind the time taken for this post to come. I reworked a few assets, and I guess it looks cool a little childish maybe:


This is the new title screen

As you can see, the game name has changed. I said before that Retriever was temporary, and I guess we have a good name that fits the environment now: a square based universe.

Yes I can do other style not pretty well but yeah… but I really liked the square universe idea, and the cheerful colors can even bring a comic side to the game.

Last and least, there’s the Space Exploration (told ya). Didn’t try it at random yet, was just testing the graphic assets and animation, but at last you can see some space stuff:


Soooooo that’s it people, thanks for taking part on the journey with me, hope you liked.

Time to get some pokémon.


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