Going back

Well today is kind of a sad day. I’m fine tho.

After all this time trying, trying and trying again, I managed to come by with a few cool graphics for the project. At the begining it all looked nice and awesome, but turns out that I’m not that good… even after spending a lot of time to make something good enough, in the end it was not… And that happened a lot. This means I’m giving up on designing graphic assets.

Begining again, I turned back on using Revangale assets, and he’ll still help me on this project. Which is great actually…

Aside from getting my ass kicked owned by meany pixel art, I worked on generating random cities. So I can have multiple small houses on a map and populate it with random events, like people walking, boxes, forniture, merchants, quest givers, etc…

Also recreated the space map using the new assets:

New planets

New planets

Started to work with the events, for now I can land on Exoplanets and go back to space. It looks like nothing but it’s actually great: this means all the systems I’ve been working on are functional and I guess the game engine is mostly done, depending on the battle system.

That’s it for today, cya.

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