Earth bending

Hello guys and gals.

It’s been weird times latelly. As always, there’s no regular upate … :s

Anyway… About the project development, I first decided to rework the game’s graphic assets again and so I spoke to Revangale and he did it for me. It’s based on Mother 3 and looks gorgeous:


Some cheerful place

And then you think “oh yeah the artist worked a lot, how about you lazzy ass person?”. Well me, I’ve been working too… worked a lot on the map generator (no pun intended).

Aside from some fixes and improvements I’ve done three extensions, each capable of generating a kind dungeon. It seems to be a bit empty but It’s just to show the tilemap generation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m going to try and remake the city generator applying some logic from the dungeon extension, and then I appreciate any word or idea regarding this (or any of the others, really).

That’s it, see you later.

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