Stone jungle

Hey uglies!

On my last post I showed some evolution in the map generator that I’m going to use in the game, there were three types of dungeons, being an usual dungeon, a maze and a cave.

Today I came to show you the town generator. I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to use it or try and develop it in other way, but’s working:

Small town

Small town

I also reworked the other generator, mostly the dungeon on. It used something similar to Angband to spawn room and connect then, now It’s using BSP Tree:

BSP Tree Dungeon

BSP Tree Dungeon

Another thing to say is that I’ll change the game theme. After some thought I realised there are a lot of procedural generated space games, and so I’m heading toward the old fantasy.

As the map engine is mostly finished, I started to think about the gameplay. It’s very confusing, really, I’m almost decided that it’s going to be a roguelike, but I want to add some twist, mostly some player interation with NPCs or party members, I don’t know…

Well that’s it, and now I leave you with some crazy huge map pics from my tests. Cheers!

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