Aeternial – A never ending tale

There were calm days. The world used to be happy back then.

Somehow, humanity achieved prosperity and stability. Poverty was a fairy tail.

The peace flourished through the land of Kaht, and smilles used to be seen on kid’s face.

Unitil the Fluctuation has come…

Nature decided that humanity was no more needed, and so the extinction started.

The ground opened under our feet, and the planes started to reverse.

Earth, rock, fire… even shadow rised from the ground.

Our ancients who used to be here,  now lay beneath us. The world they lived in, collapsed…

But we survived.

On the center of the continent, the most unlikely town still persists, Aeternia.

Rumours say an elder magician lives there, and by his power the ground is still safe.

But even the strongest magician is not eternal. As his powers are used to keep a little piece of land for the people, he becomes weak.

On the road, people say he’s waiting for a hunter. A strong explorer capable of uncovering the mystery of the calamity and bring joy to the world once again.

Now, adventurers, merchants, families scatered around the world… every single person with the smallest hope to live, walks the ever changing grounds of Kaht.

To find a little bit of peace before the end, to see their beloved safe once more, and even to try their luck on the magician journeys.

We walk for the future, we’ll live on…

Will you come with us?

Alright, so this is a synopse of the main project game, I have to publish something for the early project topic on RPG Maker official forums.

Hope you like it.


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