Hello everybody!

You’re probably thinking about the fact that I’ve been missing again. Yes, I know you’re not.

But here am I again, and with some great news.

First of, I’d like to say that I worked a lot in the game for the passed days and as I mentioned previouslly, the main functionalities of the engine are done and I was ready to start developing the game.

You see the flaw? Right, I didn’t have the media resources to make it true. So while the graphics assets were being done, I decided to start working on a demo “mini” game.

Turns out it was a great idea, I was able to spot and fix a lot of bugs and also made a lot of improvements.

Now I just finished deploying the demo for Windows and Mac, and came here to share with you.

Be free to play and share with your friends.

Also if you have a problem or an idea, come share with me, it’s appreciated.

The game, Warped is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

Download at itch.io

Download at Game Jolt

See ya!


[Copyright](C) RPG Maker MV
Distributed and published by DEGICA Co., LTD

[Copyright](C) 2014 Frontier Works
Distributed and published by DEGICA Co., LTD

Futuristic Atmospheres
[Copyright](C) 2013 Joel Steudler

Modern Day Music Mega-Pack Resource Pack
[Copyright](C) 2013 Joel Steudler

Town of Seasons
[Copyright](C) DEGICA Co., LTD
Resource creator: Sherman3D

Custom Graphics
[Copyright](C) Lantiz
Resource creator: Revangale

Developed By
[Copyright](C) Lantiz

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