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Bringing another update about game development, but not a specific game, we have a newcomer!

I’ve always liked the game Kingdom but, the fact that we can’t explore it’s beautiful environment without worrying about enemies and death always bothered me.

SO, I decided to make something inspired by it: Kaht.

Kaht is going to be a small exploration and strategy game with a touch of RPG.

The story takes place on the same world as  Arternial, but it’s a prequel.

The objective will be to get to Aeternia, passing by 5 villages which must be free from monsters invasions that should happen because of the geographical changes around the world.

There will be a world map, and some area maps that will include the villages and some other random events.

For that, I created new extensions for the procedural map generator. A new feature is that the area maps  are created in a side-scroll[esc] style.

Check the new maps:


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