The rise of the bars

Good day!

Logging an update to Aeternial: I’ve been reworking the entire (customized) game code. Organized, improved, added to them.

Because of the launch of Warped in a few game sites, I realized that my combat system was too bland, there was no strategy involved.

So, I spent a few days thinking about it and putting together something funny to play with, not only fight.

For now, I just wanted to say that the thinking is done and I started working on it. The first step was to add hotbars to the map scene:


It’s funny how the heart comes right after the skull

 As we can see, there are three new windows.

The horizontal one holds items and weapons, allowing the player to use some of his items or changing the current weapon with a few clicks or keys.

The squary window is not selectable and only displays the current equiped weapons, main hand and offhand.

And the vertical window displays all player’s skills.

These windows works with controller keys, keyboard keys, mouse clicking and mouse wheel scrolling.

For now the actions triggered by the windows will only affect the player and his party.

The next step is to add interactions with other events.

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