Aeternial – Log #1

Hey there!

Bringing some information regarding the game development.

First off, as we can see the post title is different today. In the past few days I did recode almost all the game plugins, so it’s almost a restart. Because of that, I decided to take advantage of it and start to post the game modifications with log numbers, for organization purposes.

To the changes, shall we?

Note that the changes to come are highlited in bold and itallic.

  1. Reimplementation of the visual interface:
    • Set default screen size to 960×540 (scale to 1080p);
    • Removed player window from the HUD;
    • Removed mini map;
    • Removed chat bubbles;
    • Added HP, MP e TP bars to the characters;
    • Reimplemented the name labels:
      • It’s now possible to generate random names for events and entities;
      • Pending to add more interesting names.
    • Reimplemented log messages;
    • Implemented dynamic messages system that don’t interrupt the game (replacing the chat bubbles);
    • Added items hotbar;
    • Reimplemented skills hotbar;
    • Reimplemented hotbars controlls;
    • Added sound to the messages window;
    • Pending to reimplement the mini map.
  2. Reimplementation of the combat system:
    • Implemented item use for player and party members;
    • Reimplemented turn based movement;
    • Reimplemented skill usage:
      • Events can target the player, followers or other events;
      • Followers can target the player, other followers or events;
      • The player can target itself, the followers or the events;
      • Skills can have new effects for manipulating entities’ movement, position and range.
  3. Reimplementation of the NPCs’ interaction system:
    • The NPCs have a random past and a friendship level;
    • The conversations are based on the friendship level and the texts based on current NPC’ job;
    • Pending to implement more jobs.
  4. Implemented grid based camera movement (inspired by the old The Legend of Zelda games)
  5. Reimplemented the map generation system to fit the grid based camera movement:
    • Better room control and event spawning;
    • Guaranteed passability;
    • It’s possible to define when to build walls or change the room’s ground;
    • Possible to bind events to specific rooms;
    • Does not rely on plugin extensions for different map styles.

That’s it! I think it’s enough for a month, right?

Sadly there’s not much to show, so the post image will be the default one. :[

See ya!

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