Move A-Red

Hello there!

Now some may know that in the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new project. Yes it’s sad that I stoped Aeternial for a while, but I promisse it’s worth!

In a past friday afternoon, I was listening/watching one of the GDC’s’ videos while working, and at one point I briefly saw an image of a game concept that a guy was showing off. And so, all of a sudden I have this neat idea for a new game (don’t worry, it’s an original idea :b).

When I got home, I coded all night long and before going to sleep I had this prototype done. It was so addicting that while testing I often lost myself actually trying to beat it.

Then I decided to finish this game before continuing my work on the main project. So, I’m here to show you what I’ve done!

The name of the game is Move A-red, the reason is why during the play time, the player is only allowed to move ahead, and it’s a pun with the fact that the game’s’ art is all red.

It’s an arcade game based on strategic movement, resource management and making decisions.

There’s not much to show for now, but here’s a glimpse. [:


Hope you enjoy!

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