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Bringing another update about game development, but not a specific game, we have a newcomer!

I’ve always liked the game Kingdom but, the fact that we can’t explore it’s beautiful environment without worrying about enemies and death always bothered me.

SO, I decided to make something inspired by it: Kaht.

Kaht is going to be a small exploration and strategy game with a touch of RPG.

The story takes place on the same world as  Arternial, but it’s a prequel.

The objective will be to get to Aeternia, passing by 5 villages which must be free from monsters invasions that should happen because of the geographical changes around the world.

There will be a world map, and some area maps that will include the villages and some other random events.

For that, I created new extensions for the procedural map generator. A new feature is that the area maps  are created in a side-scroll[esc] style.

Check the new maps:


Sistema de interação

Olá pessoal!

Hoje trago uma atualização que achei bem divertida, o sistema de interação. Agora é possível que o jogador interaja com os NPCs de uma forma meio que aleatória.

Funciona de forma bem similar ao The Sims, porém, com um toque de aleatoriedade: a cada manhã o humor dos NPCs será modificado, o que força ao jogador interagir de forma diferente com um NPC a cada dia.

A principal ideia é possibilitar que os NPCs deem itens ao jogador, e quando o status de relacionamento dos dois for “lover” (namorado[a]), o presente será melhor ainda.

Os presentes serão aleatórios e os eventos de se ganhar um presente também.

Segue o vídeo:

Espero que gostem, até a próxima!

Interaction system

Hello guys and gals.

The update I bring today is a fun step into the game, it’s the interaction system. Now, the player is able to interact with NPCs in a kind of random way.

Basically, it works in a similar way to The Sims, but there’s a random touch: at every morning the mood of the NPCs will change. This forces the player to interact diferently with a NPC everyday.

The main idea is to give the oportunity to allow the NPCs to give items to the player, and when in love with an NPC (it’s only possible to have one lover) the player may get better items.

These gift events are going to be random and happen randomly.

Check the video:


Hope you liked it, cya next time!